A little about Savanna Marlee - That's me!

Photography has always fascinated me. It all started with the disposable cameras when I was about 6 and let's just say I've been hooked ever since! Booked my first wedding when I was 15 years old, it was right there I knew this was what I wanted to do, and I've built my business up from there.  I'm always up for an adventure, whether that be with friends or clients. I like photographing rain just as much as sunlight. I like capturing memories in an art form and simply adore couples who are passionate about each other.  


I photograph everyone with as little posing as possible and let whatever is natural and candid be captured. I believe these authentic moments are what create the most beautiful galleries for my clients.  Great colors and composition can only go so far without authenticity. 

My job is to capture love, and I love that!



Five Facts About Me

1. Marleé is actually my middle name, it's French and pronounced Mar-lay. I decided to use my middle name when I started my business in high school instead of using my last name, just in case I ended up finding a cool guy and taking his name someday.  Spoiler alert, I found him! 

2. I love living an adventurous life and taking care of our chickens, gardens, and honey bees. I cannot get enough of the outdoors, I bring as much of it inside as I can. 

3. I enjoy being active and staying in shape.... just as much as I enjoy baking. It's my own circle of life.

4. I use way too many exclamation points and smiley faces in my emails.

5. I post regularly on social media, so if you want to see more of my portfolio and what I'm up to in life,  or read client reviews be sure to follow me in the links at the bottom of the page :)

"My husband and I felt like we were reliving our wedding day and all of the love from the photos. The photos are breathtaking. I couldn’t recommend Savanna enough!

She was amazing to work with!"                  -JM


More client reviews can be found here

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