What if it rains at my wedding?

This is Seattle, even in the summer time there's no guarentee you'll have sunny weather for your wedding day so a back up plan with your venue will be key. As far as photos go I'll be prepaired for any weather, you can buy cute matching umbrellas for your bridal party if you want to venture out into the rain or we may just be taking all your photos inside or under a covered area. 

What if it rains at our photoshoot??

We shoot rain or shine! Rescheduling around the weather is a tricky business especially when it comes to taking time off work, scheduling hair and make-up appointments, etc. I highly recommend avoiding rescheduling.  Rainy day sessions can be really fun and extra moody. Dress cozy, bring umbrellas, maybe put on some rain booties and have fun with it! If you aren't excited about a rainy session you are welcome to book/reserve an indoor studio for us to shoot in for your session instead. 

What is required to book a session?

First we need to pick a time date and locaiton for your session. Sign the booking form, then put down a $100 retainer to hold the date/time and then your session is officially booked! 

Can we bring our pets to a session?

Yes! Absolutley it is a fun way to personalize your session :) There may be some locations that do not allow pets, that would be the only reason to keep the fur babies at home, or if you know your pet wouldn't be able to handle being tied up and left out of a portion of the photos. 

Do we need to provide a meal for you at our wedding?

If you provide a vendor meal for me that is greatly appreciated but not required. In my contract you have the option to have me provide my own meal at your wedding. I'll eat when you eat because no one wants photos of themselves eating! If you're serving buffet style I'll typically hop in line right after your family.  You do not need to provide a place for me to sit at the reception tables, however if the plates are set on the table, and you are privding a vendor meal I will need to be able to access a plate somehow. 

What if we are camera shy? We aren't models! 

If you are at all camera-shy you are normal! Most people have are a little nervous when they are in front of the camera and that is totally OK and expected! As long as you are comfortable with your partner we are all set for a good time, prepare to have fun :) 

Do you work with second shooters?

I've found its much easier to shoot weddings solo and know that every single must-have shot and memory is being captured. Depending on a second shooter to capture something that they might not be capturing can lead to details falling between the cracks that I don't want to risk. Having two photographers on top of 1-2 videographers at a wedding can also be a bit distracting in some circumstances. In rare cases I may suggest having a second shooter added to your package for your wedding.  

Do you recommend a first look timeline or traditional timeline?

What if we don't know where we want to go for our session?

First look timeline all the way! As a bride, a bridesmaid and as a vendor I've found the first look timeline is so much more relaxing and easy-flowing with the wedding day. Trying to take all of your photos including wedding party and family photos during a 1 hour cocktail can be hard to fit, and let's be honest, once you've gotten married you and your guests are ready to party! You won't want to be lineing up for photos, it stops the momentum of the day. That all being said, if it is an important tradition for you to follow (seeing eachother for the first time at your ceremony) then go for it! We can make anything work, there's several weddings I do every year that follow this timeline. I'll do everything in my power to make the photo process less stressfull and more fun no matter which timeline you choose!

I have a bunch of ideas for you! When you're ready to start planning we can go through some great spots and see which location matches your vision. 

Do you deliver RAW images?

Nope! Part of what you're paying for is hours of labor to hand pick each image and edit to perfection for your gallery. I do not deliver unfineshed work. If you went to the baker asking for a cake and they only gave you the ingredients that would be crazy and dissapointing! 

Do you provide prints or albums?

Short answer is no. After a few photoshoots and weddings I quickly realized that everyone has drastically different needs for prints (sizes, quantities, finish style, album style and sizes, etc.) that I should not be the one to make those decisions for my clients. Not to mention making clients who are either planning a wedding or recently married pick out their prints and photos on my time is just an unnecessary stressor to put on someone. Instead, my clients are given Printing Rights, they are able to print at any print shop they like and at any time throughout their lives. I'm more than happy to suggest print shops to my clients if they don't know where to go. 

How many weddings have you photographed?

The exact number will change constantly but currently, I've photographed over 50 weddings! I'll let you know when I get to 100 ;)

What is The Knot's Best Of Weddings?

"To determine the winners, The Knot analyzed its millions of user reviews across various vendor categories—including venues, musicians, florists, photographers, caterers and more—to find the highest rated vendors of the year. These winners represent the best of the best wedding professionals that engaged couples should consider booking for their own unique weddings." -The Knot

I'm proud and honored to say I've won 3 years in a row! 

How soon will we hear back from you?

I answer all emails Mon-Fri throughout the day before 6pm so you should hear back from me within just a few hours!

If you aren't hearing back from me after a day it is because of one of these reasons:

-Im out of town/on vacation. I will always leave a note on my website and Instagram for Out Of Office updates. 

-You entered in your email wrong. I am not be able to reply to you when this happens! Sometimes it is as simple as writing @gmail.coN, and I can figure out the error. But if you have another type O in your email there is really no way for me to know, so please make sure you enter them in correctly! 

-Occasionally my email goes to your spam folder. It seems to happen with Hotmail and MSN addresses so always double-check your spam. 

-It's the weekend and I'm shooting weddings or spending time with my family :) I'll get back to you Monday!