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"We hired Savanna for both our engagement and wedding photos and it was the best decision we made throughout all of our wedding planning. We received so many compliments on our engagement photos and it was such a good time shooting with her. She constantly asked us if there were any other shots we wanted in each location and walked us through any positioning to get the perfect shots. On the day of our wedding, I didn’t even realize Savanna was in the room taking photos. I had to ask where she was and she quickly responded she was behind me haha. But that was the theme the whole evening. I didn’t even see her during the getting ready photos (for most of it), the ceremony, or during the majority of our reception. She blended in, was extremely professional, and spent time capturing each moment. Friends and family told us she was kind and professional during the evening and we don’t doubt that as that’s been our experience from day one. We got our gallery back quickly and again, the photos were out of this world. She caught the happy moments, the serious ones, and those in between. I’m so thankful that all the money we invested in this day came out in photos we can look at for the rest of our lives. If you have any reservations on pricing or if it’s worth it, she is worth every penny and more. You will not regret it." -C

"I cannot say enough great things about Savanna! Her style of photography was exactly what we were looking for and I immediately knew she would be perfect for capturing our special day in a candid way. Don't let the fact that she's a team of one worry you - she captured every moment and angle of the entire day /evening. Our guests even commented how professional she was - never getting in the way but always being "there" at the right place at the right time. If that wasn't good enough, she sent us our final photos less than a week from our date, and we could not be happier with how they turned out. Please, do yourself a favor and look no further than Savanna." - S

"Savanna has everything you could wish for in a photographer - communicative and easy to work with online, friendly and effective in-person, and of course beautiful, beautiful photos! I was a bit nervous going into our engagement session because my now-husband doesn't like that kind of thing at all, but Savanna was so friendly and engaging that it made the whole shoot lots of fun for both of us! She gave enough direction that we didn't feel confused but also let us be natural, and the photos totally showed that relaxed-but-professional feel! Everyone loved our engagement photos so much - one of our friends decided to get his own engagement photos done based on ours, and my husband's mom joked that she wished she could have a personal photoshoot with Savanna. My husband said that there were more good photos of him in that shoot than he thought existed of him in the last 15 years combined. Even after all this buildup, the wedding day didn't disappoint. Savanna arrived early and worked so efficiently that we ended up having lots of extra time in the schedule, which made for a very relaxing and fun wedding day. Multiple bridal party members and guests commented on how great Savanna was and how her friendly and upbeat attitude created a great atmosphere! She faded into the background in the best way, totally letting us just enjoy the day while also grabbing us for a couple of mini-photoshoots that were quickly done and produced great results. Needless to say, all the wedding photos were beautiful, and one of my bridesmaids was immediately recommending Savanna to her sister after viewing the gallery. The coverage was great and each individual photo looks worthy of a giant print on the wall! I hope Savanna does anniversary photos because my husband and I definitely want more already!" -C

"Savanna was an absoulute dream! Not only did she give us the best engagement photos, but we also had a blast with her. Her energy was so contagious and we felt so comfortable as it was our first time getting professional photos done. I will not be able to recommend Savanna to enough people and she will absolutely be hired by me time and time again!! We love her and are so thankful we were able to cross paths!" -F


"Where do I begin about how much we loved working with Savanna?? I can't stop gushing over all of the photos from our wedding day, from the epic photos of my husband and I in the woods on top of a waterfall, to all the details and candid shots of friends and family during our reception. She delivered a perfect mix of posed pictures, candid shots, and details from the whole event. Savanna has an eye for both the artistic and the documentary elements of wedding photography, which is a unique and special skill that not every photographer has! We were especially impressed with the quality of all our reception photos, considering that they were taken mostly indoors with low light. Savanna uniquely captured all of our important moments, and we will cherish our photos forever. Aside from being an excellent photographer, Savanna was communicative, kind, professional, and an overall positive presence at our wedding. She made us feel at ease every step of the way, and then delivered an epic gallery of images within a week of the wedding. Savanna is a pro! We highly recommend her!" -R

"Savanna ROCKED it! I booked Savanna to shoot my proposal to my fiance. She agreed to hike up into the mountains, to a frozen lake, in the middle of winter, and hide in a snowy tree until we showed up and I popped the question. Throughout the entire process she was very communicative, extremely professional, and she truly made our special day that much more special. The photos we got back were everything we could have asked for and we got them back wayyyy sooner then we excepted. We are so so so excited to have her booked for our wedding. Savanna is truly a pro!" -N

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