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Featured Wedding

Gwendolyn & Trenton     Chateau Lill     Woodinville, Wa

What a beautiful wedding this was! Right in the middle of September when Woodinville Wine Country is in its prime, or atleast when I think it's in it's prime! Gwen and Trenton ended up getting 1078 photos back from their 8-hour package and I am excited to share a hundred-something' of my favorites with you here! This was my first time at Chateau Lill and I was instantly in love with the wedding upon parking my car, the more I walked around the more I loved it. I've decided to feature this wedding not just because it was beautiful but because of all the diversity it provided, it was cloudy, rainy, sunny, outdoors, indoors, super dark at night, it rained during the sparkler exit, and they cut their cake with a sword. I mean, come on, how could I not share this wedding!?

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